We integrate smart devices, software and services in the telecommunications industry; that makes us deliver customized IT solutions for telecom companies. We adopt a single-minded approach on open source, enterprise portals, mobility and emerging market trends. We would like to be pioneers in the IT services for the telecommunication industry.

Our expertise, born of long-term global provider engagements, spans a broad range of services in the telecommunications sector, and our hybrid delivery model alleviates the pricing pressures that often deter IT investment.

Telecom operators on their part have to adapt to changing customer expectations on one hand and a rapidly changing technology environment on the other. At the same time, it has become imperative that they focus on driving growth through new services and market segments while improving operational efficiency and margins.

Some of our applications encourage our partners to upstream and downstream telecommunication services through IT solutions encompassing mobile content and cloud apps to enable customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The telecom industry is in the midst of an ongoing transformation. Increasing competition, changing customer requirements, and a growing the convergence of networks, devices, and content are forcing telecom companies to upgrade infrastructure, explore new markets, and reorganize their operations around customers. Customers today are embracing data-rich services and applications like never before. Mobile data traffic, for instance, is expected to multiply manifold in the next few years. Equally, customers are becoming far more demanding about relationships with their service providers as communications technology becomes an integral part of their lives.

We leverage industry experience, technology partners and proprietary methodologies to provide strategic consulting, business process outsourcing, system integration, application development and maintenance services that allow our telecom clients to adapt to changing market conditions and dynamic regulatory environments.

We have a vast experience in the telecommunications sector, including service providers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and component vendors. By affiliating with us; systems integrator and technology OEM partners can deliver value-added services to multiple locations at higher speed. In order to achieve this feat; our IT team generates loads of ideas which come across after working on different verticals and business models in telecommunication sector. This gives us a distinct value added advantage across the industry.

Stapples Software Systems Telecom Technology Services are designed to match up the ever-changing dynamic needs of an industry, where trends change almost daily. With billions of messages spanning the globe in the form of voice, text, data, television and radio, the need to keep pace with these changes at affordable costs and efficient platforms has become an imperative. Infinite’s telecom technology services, backed by extensive experience in the industry across computing environments and applications are working on doing just this.

Leveraging strategic ongoing associations with world-class telecom service providers - wireline (basic or fixed) and wireless (mobile or wireless) – Stapples offers IT services suited to every stage of the business life cycle of its customers.

Our internal development projects have also resulted in the creation of several protocol stacks and products. Our present focus is on the NextGen telecommunication technologies and solutions. We look forward to alliances and partnerships with companies in order to give our customers an end-to-end single window solution. Stapples provides solutions to customers in the conventional wireline domain and in the emerging field of mobile and IP. We work in the areas of mobile network management, mobile protocols, mobile applications and emerging technologies like voice over IP and wireless data communication.

Our Visions

To compete and thrive, it is essential for service providers have instant access to best-of-breed solutions, as well as trusted partners that know the business and the telecommunications ecosystem.

The telecommunications industry is rapidly evolving. Increased competition, pricing pressure, new services and the introduction of cloud and mobile offerings for financial services, health and education give customers more choice and more power than ever before.

The telecommunications industry is rapidly evolving. Increased competition, pricing pressure, new services and the introduction of cloud and mobile offerings for financial services, health and education give customers more choice and more power than ever before.

However, for service providers with an eye towards agility, innovation and the customer experience, today’s dynamic telecom market present an opportunity to differentiate and pull ahead of the pack. Digital transformation has the power to reinvigorate both internal processes and a telecom provider’s customer facing services.


Stapples Software Systems offers innovative IT solutions for the communications industry that help organizations transform operations to improve customer retention, achieve cost efficiency and drive revenue growth. We have more than ten years of exposure to Telecom IT systems and infrastructure, having worked with some of the leading Fortune 500 telecom companies. Our solutions span across the entire telecommunication value chain, including R&D, consulting, operations and Enterprise IT.

Our offerings for the Telecom industry include:

  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Telecom Engineering Solutions
  • Billing & Customer Care Solutions
  • Order & Service Management Solutions
  • Network Management Solutions
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Solutions
  • CRM Solutions
  • Product Engineering Services
  • Enterprise Application Development Services
  • Legacy Migration and Integration Services

Stapples understands the pressures faced by telecommunications service providers in today’s competitive business environment. Our BSS and OSS-aligned solutions help service providers optimize service delivery costs, maximize ROI and enhance the customer experience.

Customer Deal & Demand Organization

  • Database management, migration, and reengineering
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Service oriented architecture
  • PDA and wireless applications
  • Order & Service Management
  • Enterprise enabling voice systems
  • SIP-based communication protocols
  • Sales Processing & Reporting – Direct & Partner Management
  • Available Customer Portals
  • Web & Mobile Self Care
  • Client Retail Supply Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Principal Data Management – Client & Product Catalogs

Statistics Warehousing & Analytics

  • Product Engineering Services
  • Documents Warehousing & Data Mining
  • Client Usage Analytics
  • Customer Hierarchy & Reporting
  • Net Analytics
  • Billing Analytics
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Social Analytics

Net Management

  • Net Inventory Managing
  • Network Finding & Resolution
  • Facility Activation & Provisioning
  • Problem Resolution & Management
  • Scam Detection & Prevention
  • Facility Quality Observing
  • Bulk Planning & Provisioning
  • Database management, migration, and reengineering
  • Activity reporting systems

Solution Highlights

Stapples has expertise in both the IT and Engineering segments of the Telecom industry. Leveraging our deep knowledge of Telecom Engineering and IT, Our IT professionals have wide array of expertise in media distribution and control which enables them to offer sound engineering, powerful features and unmatched revenues to the telecommunication sector. We are often regarded as a one stop solutions provider for end-to-end hardware, software, manufacturing, and compliance testing. This helps us in establishing a firm base as a leading IT company that provides wireless, convergence, and value added services to telecommunication clients.

We offer innovative and solutions for automation and effective management of network information and call data. Some of the solutions we have delivered for our clients in the Telecom segment include:

  • Developing a product that processes binary data from various land line switches
  • Developing various billing and pricing modules to process call detail data
  • Building reporting systems to manage and measure networks
  • Developing knowledge bases for network testing, trouble shooting, and problem resolution of networking issues
  • Developing knowledge bases for network testing, trouble shooting, and problem resolution of networking issues
  • Designing data processing architecture for landline network information processing
  • Designing and deploying hardware for large volume data processing in a grid architecture
  • Designing and developing systems to identify discrepancies in HLR and billing systems
  • Designing and developing various data interfaces to IT systems from and to the enterprise data warehouse