SAS Technologies & Clod Computing

SAS Technologies & Clod Computing

SAS Clinical Data Management at Stapples, our clinical data management and consultancy services are dedicated to providing you with clinical data, data analysis, and regulatory support and presentation requirements.

Within clinical data management, optimal therapeutic designs, customer support and customized data analysis are key areas where our bio statisticians and medical writers interact to provide comprehensive solutions. Only through an all-inclusive understanding of study objectives, clinical design issues, and upgraded quality control measures, can maintenance of the quality of data and adherence to expected deadlines be achieved. Analysis of clinical trials includes pharmacokinetic and dynamic evaluations, therapeutic equivalence testing and sequential designs.

The increasing role of a dedicated Clinical Research Organization in your company’s clinical data requirements. At Squircle, our clinical data management and consultancy services are dedicated to providing you your clinical data, data analysis, regulatory support and presentation requirements. Analysis of clinical trials includes pharmacokinetic and dynamic evaluations, therapeutic equivalence testing and sequential designs.

SAS Clinical Data Management Services

  • Data entry cleaning
  • Case report form review
  • Automatic edit checking and query tracking
  • Medical Coding
  • Coding of adverse events (meddra, who-art, costart)
  • Coding of concomitant drugs (who drug centralized data coding)
  • Clinical Database locking
  • Crf-Annotation
  • Clinical Data transfer specification (CDISC-SDTM and Sponser specific)

Prepares Uniform, Consistent Data for Analysis

  • Includes flow control, integrated error reporting, job performance monitoring and statistics, and reporting.
  • Provides tools to support aggregation of data across clinical trials.
  • Provides a full mapping of data source (where data came from), data manipulations (how the data has been manipulated) and the final destination for data.
  • Helps you plan for and report on the impact of any process changes, including
  • Changes to incoming data formats
  • Changes in data standards
  • Additional data requirements for analysis data sets. Enhances data quality to ensure trustworthy analytically conclusions. Automates data quality activities so less time is spent validating incoming clinical data. Automatically incorporates data quality techniques to ensure consistent, trusted and verifiable clinical information. Supports data standards and performs adherence checks.
  • Performs standards adherence checks
  • Includes prebuilt support for CDISC models, including SDTM and CRT-DDS (define.xml), and is extensible for custom models
  • Provides specialized transformations for mapping clinical data to a standard model


Organizations today face a daunting task: how to best manage an ever-growing flow of data. Almost universally, the answer has been the cloud. The cloud represents a new paradigm in business and technology, one that provides more scalability and greater flexibility for both IT requirements and application services. It provides a cost-effective means to meet rapidly growing and dynamically changing market requirements.

Other resources in clouds include images in a virtual machine image library, raw (block) and file-based storage, firewalls, load balancers, IP addresses, virtual local area networks (VLANs), and software bundles. We support our clients to manage such data centers, with the appropriate resources needed for Deployment and planning, Hypervisor deployment and performance tuning, etc. Squircle has all the skills and expertise developed to cater to these services, as we under continuous evolution along with our clients.

The remote location of the client server software could be the basis of the name. Cloud computing can be of different types like public clouds and personal or private cloud, community cloud, hybrid cloud and distributed cloud also. The cloud architecture and engineering can be simple as well as complex.

Unfortunately, most IT organizations aren’t innately equipped to effectively manage a hybrid ecosystem of on-premises and cloud-based IT systems. Companies need to find a partner with intimate cloud-platforms knowledge, skilled resources and proven tools and methodologies to help them be successful as they migrate, aggregate, integrate and customize their diverse cloud services.

In this most basic cloud service model, cloud providers offer computers, as physical or more often as virtual machines, and other resources. The virtual machines are run as guests by a hypervisor, such as Xen or KVM. Management of pools of hypervisors by the cloud operational support system leads to the ability to scale to support a large number of virtual machines.

Whether enabling mobility, collaboration, innovations in machine learning, big data or the internet of things, the cloud empowers businesses to optimize, innovate and disrupt to gain competitive advantage.

We integrate on-premises IT infrastructures with cloud computing technologies to create streamlined, hybrid cloud environments. Stapples interacts with,

  • Cloud Hosted Desktops
  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Assessments
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Setup & Training

Support Business Goals with a Cloud Strategy

The focus is always on supporting your business strategy and helping you eliminate the investment and complexity associated with traditional infrastructure and software computing. Stapples can help you with,

  • Cloud strategy development – define and reach strategic business goals with the clod
  • Cloud integration with service providers
  • Cloud integration across the enterprise − big data, mobility, ERP and business intelligence
  • Cloud-managed services for enterprise applications
  • Cloud migration services – organizational shift to cloud delivery, including full life-cycle services
  • Cloud hosting – moving infrastructure management to a simplified, externally managed model


With software vendors tending more and more towards delivering their products preinstalled in virtual machines (also known as virtual appliances), much of the traditional installation and configuration work associated with software will disappear.

With our mature best practices, extensive cloud-computing expertise, best-of-breed tools, skilled resources and proven delivery methodology, Stapples is the perfect partner to drive sustainable value for your organization. Plus, we also help you address security, compliance and privacy issues as you shift to the cloud. Trust Stapples to help you manage your cloud strategy road map now.

Web Services

Driving The Agile Enterprise The intention of Web services is to pave the way for vision fulfillment of collaborative commerce by removing constraints to business imposed by IT in its present form.

The Web services model is independent of whether the components being composed belong to the same organization or form a hybrid service using functions from many individual companies which empowers organizations to benefit from collaborative synergies of their trading community and to focus on their core business. The loose coupling model of Web services allows enterprises to overcome the myriad ways businesses use to reach their customers and partners today, to adopt new business models right in time and to serve and utilize adhocracy of business transactions and processes - the promise of business agility!

Business Value through Web Services The introduction of Web services is delivering business value right away! Generation of new revenue streams by exposing and combining legacy applications and functions Reducing complexity by wrapping functions or applications with standard interfaces Achieve interoperability between systems by reducing up-front system knowledge Improve efficiencies using open standards Reduce maintenance costs while increasing enterprise flexibility when making improvements or alterations to enterprise-level business processes Operate more agile by building an open, extensible, standards-based infrastructure