Our company offers high quality services in SAP development and consulting. We place emphasis on quality and accuracy of business processes implemented in the individual SAP solutions and all of this according to the requirements and desires of our customers.

With a collective experience of more than 15 years, the team's knowledge of the offshore-onsite model enables them to offer SAP services from onsite and offshore locations. We also have in place, the methodology for various types of projects such as, development, support and maintenance, implementation, training development, testing, version upgrades and customization, using the offshore-onsite model. Stapples can tailor a specific solution based on needs of customers for both rolling out implementations and extending process solutions.

SAP exists to simplify business processes and enable companies to get the most out of what they do best. When SAP is utilized to its full potential, organizations around the goal can boost productivity, streamline operations, and work together more efficiently. An effective SAP partner will help you wring the maximum value from your investment, keep you constantly on the cutting edge of SAP offerings, and provide you with all the expertise you need to keep your systems operating at full performance.

Our expertise lies in building the migration roadmap, navigating risk and taking into account the variables of each organization’s existing systems, architecture and technology. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. What are the options for migration that will suit the specific needs of each organization? How should current SAP systems, timetables and resources determine the best approach? The above are few questions that need to be addressed when an organization is planning SAP HANA migration. Stapples’s proven methodologies, assets and capabilities for migration enable us to help clients on their end-to-end journey to capture the power of SAP HANA’s in-memory computing. Organizations can stretch the timetable for migration in order to meet the requirements of their resources and schedules. Stapples’s approach to migration recognizes that different organizations operate with different priorities which enables us to be a strategic partner through this process.

Digital transformation based on SAP is more than just eliminating legacy applications and adding new solutions; it must also engage process owners and end-users within their context to transform experiences and drive business objectives. Stapples has a strong team of consultants with a spectrum of experience that covers financial and supply chain areas of enterprise.

Core Strengths

The range of modules where the team has expertise includes

  • Financials (FI, CO, CO-PA)
  • Data warehousing
  • Logistics(SD,MM,PP,QM,PM AND CS/SM)CRM
  • ABAP (including BAPI, RFC, ALE, EDI AND IDOC)
  • Human resources

With a human-centered approach that is informed by deep domain-specific expertise, UST Global is helping businesses become truly digital – leveraging SAP to re-invent and simplify processes, embrace change and adopt holistic data-driven decision making.

The Stapples team is also backed by experience in different industry verticals like banking and financials, retail, automotive, oil & gas, steel and other process industries, electrical and electronics industry, chemical and fertilizers

Deployment and support

Stapples does much more than re-sell SAP solutions, we work collaboratively with the business and IT stakeholders; ensuring that we deliver measureable and sustainable value. Our development methodology allows us to accelerate the project, reducing your time to benefit we have a proven delivery platform. Stapples microvertical delivery templates are built on multiple SAP best practices and rapid deployment solutions. They ensure predictable outcomes and stable deployments.

Our SAP services and capabilities cover the entire spectrum of SAP solutions. Stapples’s Managed Services unit holds all the necessary SAP certifications to provide you with state-of-the art product support and application management services for on-site and cloud solutions, traditional enterprise resource planning, Business Suite on HANA, and S/4 HANA.

Our holistic approach to all of our services, ensures that your technology projects are aligned with Processes, as well as your people are prepared for the change. — including all SAP and modules, industry solutions, and the latest in NetWeaver technology, including the B1si, which allows the SAP Business Suite to seamlessly integrate with the SAP Business One solutions. Stapples Software Systems blend of deep SAP expertise and proven business process experience – combined with our flexible onsite and offsite delivery model – makes us the partner of choice for organizations looking to deploy SAP customizations, reports, extensions and integrations at a reasonable cost. SAP Business One Development and Integration Services

End-to-End SAP Process

As manufacturers battle to stay competitive in the emerging global economy, think, plan, build, verify and run mission-critical back-office processes that touch millions of consumers in an efficient and effective manner, they continue to walk a fine line to ensure that their production processes effectively reduce costs while still maintaining high-performance levels. That’s why the most successful manufacturing companies are focused on implementing improved software to better manage their operations with a holistic approach.

End-to-End SAP Process

  • Implement SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)
  • Our SAP consultants and developers with years of experience in SAP solutions help our customers with their individual projects in the areas of software, analysis of business processes and their implementation, further development, management and follow-up support systems.
  • Consultations on the specific procedure.
  • SAP Service Partner for North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions; innovation partner to SAP for new product launches and mobile fast-track programs.
  • Analysis and design solutions the existing problem in collaboration with key users.
  • Direct contact with customers and solutions their wishes and requirements.
  • Draft individual SAP solutions
  • Ensure long-term continuity of the provided know-how.
  • Enhancements – Leveraging the power and usability of the SAP Business One platform we can add new fields, tables and logic without programming skills.
  • Integration – Easily integrate to SAP ECC/R3, eCommerce, or other 3rd Party applications and databases.
  • Customization and Application Development – Utilizing the SAP B1 SDK Comprehensive development kit for small or large developments, enhancements and solution extensions

Increase Efficiency and Expands

Stapples’s SAP End-to-End Manufacturing ERP helps manufacturers move beyond their legacy systems to deliver increased production with enhanced manufacturing information systems that provide better visibility across the enterprise. Today Organizations face, multiple challenges of Proper Cost visibility and Control, Reliable Support to business, Risk Minimization and Value Realization for Business. Effective and Efficient Management of Enterprise Applications is a need and that has caused many organizations to seek solutions for SAP through outsourcing of the Application Maintenance and Support services. Stapples AMS Services offers the greatest degree of visibility and control to adapt and change with your business. You get to Select. You can alter. You are in control.

You’ll get a comprehensive ERP process model that integrates Stapples best practices for manufacturing with automated testing along with fast-track implementation methodology that supports your customers from scoping to closing.

Proven Manufacturing Expertise from Stapples

Stapples has more than four decades of experience leveraging an in-depth global understanding of manufacturing-specific application software along with the client focus to help you achieve high performance, operational insight and excellence. By always focusing on your results, our experts help ensure sustained success with your manufacturing initiatives today and beyond.

Core Services

  • SAP Application Maintenance
  • SAP Transition Management
  • SAP Application Operation
  • SAP Application Development
  • SAP Service Delivery


Our consultants are not only strong in PeopleSoft but they have real world experience so they tend to be stronger technically and they come right in and hit the ground running. We work across the board in PeopleSoft - HR, Financials, and Student Administration packages, which are PeopleSoft's strengths.

Stapples has the breadth and depth of experience in PeopleSoft applications needed to make your organization fully realize the capability of your information technology. Our proven methodologies, coupled with our work with leading clients around the world, make us the preeminent choice for PeopleSoft solutions.

Deliver managed services for a broad range of SAP solutions, including ERP, CRM, HCM, BI and other industry solutions

Our experienced and customer-focused SAP consultants operate out of India, Spain and the US, and provide the global coverage essential to meeting your onsite, nearshore and offshore business requirements. We can work beside you and your staff by providing the staff augmentation and assist you in setting your schedules and deliverables or we can be the driving force on the project and function as the implementation partner.