Middle Ware

Middle Ware

Middleware is used commonly to refer to software that help in the management of data and communication in distributed applications. It can also be described as a software connecting otherwise separate applications

Large organizations integrate various applications through the EAI tools. ERP, CRM, SCM, Business Intelligence are integrated through TIBCO, Bitriea, Seebeyond, BEA, SOA, IBM, Microsoft, Fusion Middleware, SAPNetweaver

One of the most popular and used middleware variety is the Web Middleware. It can be defined as a large scale web enabled application and/or system which is deployed on several database servers and can be accessed by thousands of users through multiple web servers.

We have the most talented team of developers who are highly professional and experienced; they not only implement all these Middleware but also design and develop their own. They customize and implement as well as integrate Web Middleware, Microsoft Middleware, and WebSphere Middleware as per the need and for the best and most effective results. They also tune them for excellent performance and security. All these services and much more is available at the most affordable prices.

  • Anypoint Enterprise Security: Protect against threats and safeguard systems from attacks easily. Anypoint Enterprise Security makes it easy to maintain data integrity and protect APIs and endpoints.
  • Mule Enterprise Management: Middleware connectivity management with MuleSoft makes it easy for organizations to obtain visibility in order to easily manage enterprise resources and operations, all the while equipping businesses to tackle any errors that may arise.
  • DataWeave: Extract, load, filter, and transform data with a simple yet powerful data mapping. With little coding required, it is easy to deliver visual designs of complex data transformations to be used with Mule flows.
  • Anypoint Studio: A drag and drop graphical design environment allows users to create integrations quickly and easily. Any developer with Java experience can be productive in minutes.
  • Anypoint Service Registry: As the next generation platform for SOA Governance, Anypoint Service Registry offers policy and contract management, service analytics monitoring, service virtualizer, and service repository.

Stapples has vast experience in cloud and integration assessments and assist customer in building future proof roadmaps. Stapples’s Assessment services help organizations take informed decisions enabling them to identify the future application and technology. Stapples’s Cloud & Integration Assessment services, help customers plan their integration strategies thereby creating a business case that can accelerate their journey to the next level.

We design and develop some of the most demanding and high performing web middleware that manages interaction among tiers in Web based apps with multi-tiered architecture. Our expert developers also customise and fine tune these web middleware programs for performance and also for security.