Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences

The healthcare industry has witnessed unprecedented growth over the last few decades, and this trend continues. However, the regulatory framework governing the industry has become more stringent, making it critical for healthcare players to partner with expert healthcare IT consultants, for not just affordable healthcare technology but to also be able to harness their growth potential. Infinite’s proven excellence in healthcare IT solutions and vast expertise in implementing healthcare technology processes can help ensure healthcare businesses will remain competitive today and in the future.

Access to health care varies across countries, teams and people, for the most part influenced by social and economic conditions in addition because the health policies in situ. Countries and jurisdictions have totally different policies and plans in regard to the private and population-based health care goals inside their societies. Health care systems area unit organizations established to satisfy the health desires of target populations. Their actual configuration varies from country to country. In some countries and jurisdictions, health care designing is distributed among market participants, whereas in alternatives designing is formed a lot of centrally among governments or other coordinative bodies. Altogether cases, in keeping with the globe Health Organization (WHO), a well-functioning health care system needs a sturdy finance mechanism; a well-trained and adequately-paid workforce; reliable info on that to base choices and policies; and well maintained facilities and supply to deliver quality medicines and technologies.

Health care is delivered by practitioners in drugs, optometry, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, allied health, and alternative care suppliers. It refers to the work worn out providing medical care, secondary care, and tertiary care, in addition as publicly health. Meeting the challenges ahead means you must have the right technology, at the right scale, to do the right thing for your patients and customers. Whether you are a hospital looking to streamline patient billing, a payer focused on reducing claims costs or a pharmaceutical manufacturer marketing a new drug, you need a technology partner who can help you — from strategy through deployment to management and maintenance.

With support coming in from the medical fraternity, the health and fitness industry is all set to grow at a phenomenal rate. One of the main aspects for successful and proper growth in health and fitness industry is to establish your business as a knowledgeable and expert company. Recognition from different authorities and celebrities are known to do wonders too.

Stapples has strong capabilities in Healthcare vertical. Stapples deliverables for the healthcare vertical are aimed at enhancing competitiveness through improved patient care and customer service, cost reduction and government policy compliance. The company provides a range of services including HIPAA compliance, clinic automation, interfacing with medical devices & equipment and outsourcing services. The repertoire also includes healthcare technology consulting, custom software development as well as maintenance and support services for physicians, hospitals, and managed care organizations.

Stapples presents extensive product support and implementation for many proven packages in arenas like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-commerce, content and document management etc. The DNA of our practice lies in internal knowledge on life science and Health care to provide focused IT services and solutions to our customers. We also make them available across a variety of platforms including handheld ones and design apps for other platforms that make the services searchable as well as make the information available for a variety of users. We undertake numerous measures to make the website and applications prominently visible in the search engines and application markets.

In today's volatile market you cannot continue for a long with one system. Your process, system and communication need innovation time to time to retain your valuable customers and sustain tough competition in marketplace.

One of the leading IT and ITES solutions companies, Stapples also specializes in social media integration and developing interactive games, polls other than developing some of the most attractive websites. We not only have the most talented and artistic designers, we also have some of the most talented programmers. We also develop. We also have some of the most talented database management programmers who use all the best techniques to arrange the data and make them available at the least number of clicks. All this is developed using the deep knowledge of user behavior and user dynamics that we have.

Stapples Software Systems is such a partner, We have been leading the technology charge in healthcare for more than thirty years. We have unrivaled alliances with the world’s dominant technology providers giving us broad access to new products and a unique view of the software marketplace. Our teams are chosen for their industry-specific experience and can confidently recommend and cherry-pick solutions that will work best for you.

Helping healthcare Organizations increase:

Stapples Software Systems has oriented its services around the following major platforms to offer our services in a Business Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) model while continuing to support enterprise-class customers with more traditional IT and BPO services.

Our platforms and services are designed to the highest standards of security, confidentiality and compliance. In addition, our integrated approach generates the best possible outcomes for patients and providers by synergistically aligning the wisdom, empathy and insight of human agency with deep digital capabilities.

Out of the over $750 billion in annual fraud, waste and abuse, just five types of waste consume an estimated one third of the total amount: care coordination failures, administrative complexity, and overtreatment (10-20% of surgeries are unnecessary), care delivery failure and pricing failures. An intelligent learning system, rather than a library system, is key to identifying fraud during the introduction of new drugs and services.

Stapples Software Systems Services Pvt Ltd Stapples offers a wide range of services to the hospitality industry. Apart from providing standardized solutions, Squircle domain & technology expertise can be utilized by the clients for their end to end customized solutions for their dynamic hospitality needs which may include:

  • IT Solutions & Integration ERP & Application Development RFID / Barcode based solutions Mobility Solutions Customer Relationship Management
  • BPO Services Contact Centre & Helpdesk Services Customer Interaction Centre outsourcing HR & Payroll Outsourcing
  • Infrastructure Services Infrastructure Planning Maintenance

Constantly changing payment innovation models and an increasing focus on accurate coding and verifiable risk assignment demand a very agile and extensible revenue integrity platform. By 2019, providers could see a 50% increase in the amount of revenue that requires collection from patients. Of that amount, 30% (as much as $200 billion) may be written off as uncollectable; thus, a platform which can identify risk at the point of service is crucial. Inadequate care coordination is estimated to cause between $25 and $45 billion in wasteful spending due to avoidable complications and unnecessary hospital readmissions, thus making a state-of-the-art, technology-enabled care management solution essential to sustainable delivery of healthcare services.

We strive to clearly understand your requirements before bringing together the latest technologies and industry best practices to enable technology strategies and road maps to meet your goals. We can deploy the solutions and offer quality managed services to train your employees as well as maintain your systems once up and running.

Our expertise is holistic in nature & unique as we partner you with multiple perspectives & initiate the project with an in-depth understanding of your needs & goals to deliver results that are long-term & sustainable as well.

  • Claims Processing
  • Clinical Transformation
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Health Analytics
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE)
  • Health Information Management
  • Healthcare IT
  • Healthcare Outsourcing
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS)

Octave Technologies provides you with the technology environment that makes consistent healthcare affordable, while it also contributes in easing the global crunch of ever increasing chronic diseases. Octave Technologies’ s healthcare domain experts and technical engineers provide robust connectivity options, with robust integration of healthcare data, software and the IT infrastructure within the organization.

Our Services

Consulting & Consultative Services:

Weight on the Customer

  • Central 360° member needs for retail enablement
  • Customer focused digital transformation, mobile and social policies
  • Initial prediction analytics to prevent provider and member scrape
  • Stratagems to avoid overpayment and FWA

Process Improvement

  • Integrated health management and clinical data exchange strategies
  • Best-in-class quality improvement strategies
  • Ensuring revenue integrity, coding auditing and risk adjustment strategies
  • Improving operational efficiency in EDI, claims, encounters, enrollment and care management
  • Assisting organizations in creating a continuous innovation environment
  • Support CROs, pharmaceutical and medical device organizations for advanced data analytics including unstructured data

Corporate Process-Service

In addition , we offer the following business process services:

  • Healthcare interoperability
  • Apothecary solutions
  • Earner payer collaboration
  • Registration and benefits
  • Transactions and marketing solutions

Domain-Focused Digital Solutions:

  • Human-centered design and digital transformation (mobile/social/augmented reality)
  • Cybersecurity in healthcare
  • Use of cutting edge technologies like blockchains
  • Statistics interoperability across unstructured data, structured claims and clinical data for a true 360 degree patient view
  • Customer-centric transformation including legacy modernization
  • Supportive mergers and system consolidation
  • Telemedicine and e-discharge solutions