Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities


Utilities need to efficiently manage and leverage this data to optimize business operations and enhance customer relationships. Confronted with dwindling energy sources in the face of increasing demand, and evolving environmental, regulatory, and consumer challenges, utilities today are having to find new ways to improve efficiency and enhance service delivery. This has necessitated innovative tools and technologies that streamline business processes and ensure safe, reliable, and efficient power delivery. The focus needs to be across the value chain. This includes streamlining supply chain, optimizing asset utilization, improving metering and monitoring, and enhancing billing and customer care using newer customer information systems and consumer portals. Moreover, smart grid initiatives are creating massive volumes of data which hold access to previously untapped information.

Stapples Software Systems maintains a diverse portfolio of services and an experienced pool of technical resources to help energy and utility companies undertake successful digital transformations.

We transform legacy environments to enable rapid response to changing market dynamics, and utilize proprietary methodologies and technology partnerships to preserve existing investments while introducing innovative, new solutions.

With mounting pressure to enhance efficiency, aging systems built on rigid, legacy architectures must evolve to align with new business objectives and integrate with new and emerging technologies.

All of our client-centric global engagements provide full project visibility and foster collaboration that builds enduring strategic relationships.

Seeking lower costs and greater expertise, an increasing number of energy and utility companies are turning to trusted partners to help undertake their digital journey.


Stapples provides IT solutions that help energy and utility companies transform their operations and meet the new market realities. We offer services across the value chain - from real-time analytics to leverage grid data and software applications for metering, demand response and network monitoring to seamless integration of newer systems with legacy systems. Ascertain your value-to-cost ratio through our Data warehousing and Business Intelligence Practice. We provide a wide range of BI and reporting services that help manage production in real time and make decisions that can optimize distribution, transform customer processes and increase overall efficiency.

Leading-edge thought processes, network communications, data integration, data management and security for smart metering. Consistent and timely outage information via true intelligence, distribution management and outage management systems. Broad knowledge of legacy platforms and new technologies essential to delivering seamless, secure energy solutions.

Our offerings for the Energy and Utilities industry include:

  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Smart Grid Analytics
  • Enterprise Application Development Services
  • Database Consolidation Services
  • Legacy Migration and Integration Services
  • QA and Testing Services
  • Managed Services


  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Meet complex customer, operational, and service demands
  • Enhance tracking, monitoring, and control of Grid data
  • Enable more informed decision-making
  • Transform customer processes
  • Enhance Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Seamlessly integrate newer systems with legacy systems

Stapples has been a trusted partner to the world’s largest energy and utility companies for over fifteen years. Today, we offer a range of solutions, each with end-to-end design, execution and production services. Our difference is rooted in highly customized solutions and consulting services and a client-centric global engagement model that combines the expertise of senior local resources with the cost, scale and quality advantages of offsite operations.

Systems Integration:

  • System Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • New & Legacy System Integration
  • SOA-based Integrations
  • Maintenance & Production Support

CRM Implementation & Support:

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Implementation & Third-party Integration: Tools, Applications, Customer-facing Portals & Back-office Systems
  • Maintenance & Production Support
  • Establish Usage, Operations & Maintenance Standards

Customer Information Systems Development & Support:

  • Systems Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • Custom Development
  • Maintenance & Production Support
  • End-to-End Support for Existing Systems