Data Ware Housing Tools

Data Ware Housing Tools

The data warehouse is increasingly assuming a mission-critical, operational role in supporting organizations across a multitude of business applications and functions. Today, more than ever, accurate, timely and detailed information is needed to make better informed strategic, tactical, and operational decisions. However, organizations are witnessing a rapid growth in data volumes. These are often in different formats, from varying sources, and via diverse access methods, making it challenging for organizations to efficiently channelize them to meet their evolving business needs.

In computing, a data warehouse (DW or DWH) is a database used for reporting and data analysis. We support recruitments for skills such as ETL, Informatica, Business Objects, Microstratergy, datastage, Congos, business intelligence, teradata using to manage such databases. These resources are primarily hired in almost every domain needing data management. We have continuous hiring for these skills with almost all of our major clients, enabling our recruitment team to cater with profiles having the best hit ratio. We have over 100+ resources working on these skills on our payrolls making it easier to place these resources in a short span of time.


Stapples provides end-to-end data warehousing services that help companies efficiently harnesses their data assets for competitive advantage and operational excellence. Our services are backed by a rich and diverse resource pool of technical and domain experts, proven processes and methodologies, solution accelerators, vendor partnerships, and delivery excellence. Leveraging our significant data warehousing expertise and experience, we have designed, developed and deployed data warehouse solutions across a host of technologies for several of our clients.

Warehousing Services include

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Analysis
  • ETL Development


  • Ensure a stable and accurate data warehouse that is accessible to all lines of business
  • Enhance data quality and consistency
  • Integrate data from multiple, diverse sources
  • Ensure timely access to data
  • Facilitate dynamic business decisions with accurate and current information
  • Improve turnaround time for analysis and reporting
  • Improve performance for complex analytical queries
  • Relieve processing burden on transaction oriented databases
  • Reduce cost to access historical data
  • Relieve the development burden on IT
  • Increase ROI

BI and Reporting

Heterogeneous silos, unstructured formats and poor data quality further aggravate the challenge, preventing businesses from utilizing information effectively. With business conditions in a constant state of flux, it is becoming increasingly critical for organizations to make better business decisions through timely, accurate and more comprehensive analysis of available information assets. However, in today's environment of information overload, most organizations face the challenge of extracting meaningful information from the vast amounts of data they generate.

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions can help address these challenges by unearthing the hidden value in information assets to facilitate informed and insightful decisions. A good BI strategy, supported by a solid base of BI technologies, can streamline business processes while also boosting productivity and profits. They can further help underpin strategic adjustments in near real-time, identify risks and threats, and ensure sustained growth and competitive advantage.

Stapples offers end-to-end BI and reporting services that help organizations transform information into a strategic asset for meeting dynamic business requirements. Our services cover the entire BI lifecycle starting from technology evaluation and architecture design to reporting and maintenance. Custom tools and proven methodologies coupled with our global delivery model ensure speedy, flexible and cost effective BI deployments. By reducing the time, resources, and cost associated with managing data, we enable you to gain valuable insight, literally on the fly.

Our BI and Reporting Services Include

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Tools Selection and Standardization
  • Architecture Design and Development
  • Data Modeling
  • ETL Strategy
  • Data Quality Improvement
  • Presentation Strategy
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Performance Optimization
  • Maintenance and Support