Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services

Our financial IT solutions capitalize on proven domain experience, technical competence, and implementation expertise; to have a direct impact on a robust bottom line. Our financial solutions not only enhance, expand and maintain existing financial systems, they also design and help develop new systems. Add to this, unrelenting quality processes, a wide global presence, and the ability to constantly stay ahead of the technology trend curve – and you’ve got a winning formula that can tip the scales in your favor.

Application Development / System Integration Business Process Outsourcing Performance Analytics and Management Enhanced Risk Management capabilities through integrated real-time analytics Portfolio Accounting & Reporting IT Consulting Infrastructure Management Services Squircle provides you the long term speed and agility in order to easily and quickly adapt to evolving environments. Total compliance with new standards and procedures Streamlining transaction processing and other regulations Rapid implementation of new products and services by integrating data sources with modern systems.

Stapples Software Systems offers software solutions to analyse the data in almost real time environments presenting risks across various business operations and help the modern financial organizations mitigate by taking more informed decisions and mitigate them well within timeframe Payment Automation From plastic to virtual to cloud, money in current economy flows through various channels and geographies as per the ease of modern day consumer. Stapples Software Systems helps in devising and supporting such secured software solutions for payment gateway and payment automation following necessary guidelines. We have created seamless solutions for the industry to accept and get payments through online and mobile means. Portfolio Solution Banks and modern day security exchanges going virtual and online, makes it imperative for investment & wealth organizations to offer software platform to their customers that helps them manage their portfolio and provide real time value, analysis and trends to the current net worth of these new millionaires. Stapples Software Systems helps in creating such portfolio management tools for organizations linking with the secured backend of required protocols and agencies offering unique user experience for consumers of our clients.

Consistent user experience. Strong analytics. Sound, stable infrastructure. These factors differentiate the next generation banks. Stapples transforms the world’s leading banks and financial institutions. By delivering scalable services, we manage and execute strategic initiatives, creating innovative delivery models. We support mission-critical infrastructure and banking software applications that pull insights from data to help you better engage with users and customers.

The need for a robust enterprise-wide risk management system that spans financial market, credit, liquidity, and operational risks has never been greater. For example, the Operational Risk Segment can challenge a bank’s procedures for exempt customers that make cash transactions or the quality of transactional reporting used to identify suspicious transactions pursuant to BSA/OFAC.

Effective & Efficient IT solutions & deployments will ensure that you stay ahead in this aspect and absolutely worry free. Techmetric helps financial institutions of all sizes in developing & deploying the right kind of IT Services & Solutions that are required for the industry and with a futuristic outlook.

Stapples provide end-to-end IT services in banking and financial sectors ranging from business consulting to IT infrastructure services. With the ever-growing popularity of mobile banking; our IT professionals are highly creative in developing ingenious mobile banking solutions for enhancing your customer service experience. We have deep-domain expertise in creating inspired IT applications; which help us in creating sophisticated banking & financial solutions for our clients.

Being the best in traditional business is no longer enough. New fintech and insurtech companies, and a new wave of native-digital and early-adopter customers, are changing the rules of the game.

In a highly competitive landscape, survival and success for banks will depend on being agile, innovative and open. At Stapples, we take the digital journey with our clients, transforming technologies, cultures and business models to create the financial services institutions of tomorrow.

While current revenue streams slant towards older demographics – where social and technological changes are less prevalent – the future is clearly at risk for banks that fail to connect with the next generation of financial services customers.

Banking and Finance solutions are helping customers build a secure and bankable future with proven expertise, rich experience and innovative solutions. As regulatory pressure on the financial industry mounts, customer preferences and expectations continuously evolve, Infinite is helping define the financial industry’s future one solution at a time.

Why Choose Robustek Solutions?

We provide cutting-edge, business specific IT solutions catering to banks and financial institutes. These IT solutions range across different domains and technology spectrum. With the added advantage of a renovated IT landscape at our disposal; our IT professionals help banks and financial institutes in reducing costs through automation and accelerators.

If you wish to build on unique and customized digital banking and financial IT solutions; then affiliate with Robustek Solutions ITO.

Our Services:

Stapples Software Systems is a trusted partner to many of today’s largest financial services institutions. We engage at all levels, including technologies, cultures and business models, to ensure successful enterprise-class digital transformations. Our services are defined by integrated approaches, an innovative mindset and strong strategic advisory capabilities.

Digital Banking:

  • New Business Models Through Platforms
  • Monetizing the API Ecosystem
  • New Business Models Through Platforms
  • Security Advisers & Protective Process
  • Human-centric Banking Channels Design
  • Machine Learning Solutions & Predictive Models

Principal Growth & Optimization:

  • Core Commercial Processes Support
  • Core Banking Technology Evolution
  • Corporate & Investment Banking Solutions

Cross Domain Services:

  • Architecture CoE
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cloud Strategy, Migration & Operation
  • Agile Banking Transformation

Stapples Software Systems offers necessary innovative and futuristic solutions to banks and financial institutes of the modern world. Many of our customers are medium to large institutes leveraging the possibilities of our software solutions. We have helped many modern day economy churners by automating their operations in one or many segments.

Online Banking

Stapples Software Systems helps banking customers to bring the ease of usability with real time reach to their customers using Internet. Gone are the days when a consumer was asked to come to the bank for small things. With demand of online banking becoming imperative and complexity of transactions increasing daily, it is important for a bank to choose a highly efficient online banking solution that not only offers the blend of usual services but also matches with the overall picture and brand advantages a bank offers to their consumers.


Stapples Software Systems offerings for the finance vertical is towards delivering fast and easy access to bottom-line information to run businesses and for efficient financial management system. They effectively meet the unique needs of clients from the vertical, enhancing and expanding existing systems and workflows, maintaining systems or designing and developing new systems with proven best practices to deliver cost-effective solutions.

Stapples finance service includes followings:

  • Application design and development
  • Application and Production support and helpdesk
  • Application re-engineering
  • Application maintenance
  • Product customization and implementation
  • Migration services
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • CRM implementation


There are varied functional areas for retail business. Today Retail is one of the most promising businesses all over the world. Many major companies have diversified in to retail operations as it is being perceived as one of the most happening business globally. Today retail business operates in various ways and forms and also with increasing complexities in order to stay ahead of the competition. But, to manage these activities one needs to have a dedicated and a reliable integrated business application which can integrate both stores operation in the front-end and back-office at the back-end. Though the organizations have a legacy system running but these applications are not integrated, duplication of work cannot be avoided and hence on-line, accurate and up-to-date reporting is ruled out.

Hence there is a dire need to put in place an Integrated Business Solution that would present to the process owners and decision makers of organizations a seamless view of various functional domains viz. Retail Management, store management, sales management, purchase management, inventory & warehouse management and financial management with proper control and monitoring mechanisms in order to facilitate better and faster decision making in a structured manner.

Stapples Capability on Retail Management System:

The Integrated Business Solution is expected to fetch the following business benefits for the organization:

  • Up-to-date information on sale per retail outlet.
  • Better Cash Flow management thanks to online information on cash flow.
  • Better management & monitoring of stock movements thanks to online information on stock position/stock-outs/over-stock.
  • Timely alignment of promotional schemes to customer demand thanks to online information about demand fluctuations.
  • Timely action on customer feedback thanks to online information availability.
  • Greater visibility at every level of the supply chain.
  • Centralized planning, control and execution thanks to availability of online centralized information repository.
  • Faster response to business need and hence greater business efficiency and cash flow.
  • Better utilization of resource.
  • Complete data integrity.


Keeping pace with the modernization and introduction of IT application in various business domains, Insurance has emerged as one of the most IT-Savvy industries throughout the Globe. With ever-growing databases and amendments of new rules every day, the segment is highly dependent on customizable software application to run the show. Apart from maintaining huge customer data, the industry is highly open to Information Technology for enhancing the sales, distribution process and customer relationship management.