This enterprise-wide disruption is further fueled by ubiquitous access to cheap computing power and the availability of tools and technologies to integrate the results of analytics into complex business processes.

With its experience in focused verticals and functions, Stapples is partnering with multiple global organisations to take them to the next level of performance. Stapples leveraging its 20+ solution accelerators, is ensuring safe passage for organizations' BI journey by offering 'Outcome based implementations'. This not only assures success for our customers, but also offers them cost effectiveness.

Stapples is proud Oracle Specialized Partner in Hyperion and OBIEE and is working closely with Oracle using the Platinum partnership platform and extending its solutions in Cloud.

The proof is in the pudding - enterprises that are proactively adopting an analytics-driven approach enjoy a significant competitive advantage. Conversely, companies slow to adopt an analytics-driven approach run the risk of obsolescence. In today’s digital era, business decisions are increasingly made by man and machine, enabled by deep learning and powered by analytics. This is driven through an intricately interwoven tapestry of data, algorithms, computing power and human intelligence. The resurgence of analytics is driven by the availability of data in high volume, variety and velocity, coupled with commoditization of sophisticated data processing algorithms.

Business Strategy Consulting

Business Strategy is not an off the shelf service. Our team is comprised of domain and technology experts with years of analytics experience. They supplement the Stapples ‘Analytics Innovation Academy’ to quickly retrain and mentor our resources to keep up with the constant flow of new technologies and frameworks. Organisations planning to transform Business Intelligence landscape, implement BI tools or engage into revamping data management, do so for reasons that are specific to them and are driven by specific business / technical objective.

Our Business Process Management services and solutions increase competence and success of your business operations. It also allows expanding scalability for large enterprise solutions whose operations span multiple departments, locations and systems. Our latest Business Process Management services and solutions suits new standards for power, flexibility, performance and ease to use.

Mention strategies and define that details your analytics drive. We take you from where you are today, to where you need to be tomorrow as defined by your business objectives. Provide a means to assess, evangelize and build strategic big data roadmaps that leads to measureable ROI.Thus, Business Strategy needs to be a tailored offering that fits best for them taking into consideration their specific pain areas, business objectives and overall IT landscape. Stapples has been involved in this journey with multiple customers in varied capacities of BI Strategy building, BI Roadmap exercise and BI Technology recommendation.

Business Services

  • BI Strategy
  • Report Validation
  • BI Tool Assessment
  • BI Ability Centre

Data Services

Our data ranging from data storage and data preparation to implementing machine learning and computational algorithms at scale. As such, the data engineering services teams act as merchants of data. We leverage our industry innovation leaders and subject matter experts to collaborate with your teams to develop solutions on the UAF that are specific to your business needs Fundamentally change how you interact with data; go beyond self-service analytics to context-aware, personalized bots that anticipate questions and the information needs of the user.

Data research firm Gartner has predicted that enterprise data will grow by 800 percent in the next five years. 80 percent of this growth will involve unstructured data. This includes social media data, streaming data, machine-to-machine data, sensor data, log data, XML files emails, texts, pictures, videos, and audio. It's a bit intimidating when you consider that the tools and technologies that have effectively transformed structured data into business intelligence simply don't work when it comes to unstructured data.